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Over the past couple of weeks, the YouTube community has been focused on one subject - Logan Paul and his video showing a dead body. Paul suffered backlash from the rest of the platform's creator community, prompting YouTube to suspend any of his projects with the company, which led to him taking a short hiatus from making videos.

It did not last long, however, with Paul releasing a video titled Suicide: Be Here Tomorrow. In what feels like PR disaster control, the video tries to address the issue of suicide with Paul interviewing people that attempted to take their own lives, while also splicing in media footage criticising his controversial video from Japan's Aokigahara forest. Paul narrates  and addresses the camera directly talking about the "big mistake" he made.

Racking up over seven million views at the time of writing, this video has one thousand likes and about 137 000 dislikes, but whether that is a true reflection of whether people reject his apology and effort to correct things remains to be seen. As such, we can expect plenty of YouTubers releasing videos dissecting Logan Paul's latest action on the platform.

Watch the video for yourself below.


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