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Mobile World Congress is one of the more hectic weeks in consumer technology, with Day Zero in particular proving quite frantic given the number of press conferences going on. As such, it can be a little tough to decide on where to spend one's time. 

There are, however, standout events that require attention at MWC 2018, and as such we've earmarked them below. 

25 February 2018

The day before Mobile World Congress 'officially' gets underway, Day Zero as it's not so affectionately known features a number of press conferences from the top Android phone makers. This year is slightly different, though, with a few companies pulling out of debuting a flagship phone. 

As such, the events to keep your eyes on are the ones from HMD Global and Samsung. HMD Global's Nokia event starts at 18:00 (SAST), being live streamed on the Nokia Mobile Facebook page. Samsung's press conference kicks off shortly thereafter at 19:00 (SAST), with it shared live on their YouTube channel.

26 February 2018

Sticking to their modus operandi, Sony will have a press conference on the first morning of MWC. Things will commence at 09:00 (SAST) and can be viewed live on their blog.  

Once the dust has settled from all the press conferences, it's time to turn the attention to the keynote addresses and panel discussions. One that we're quite interested in is IoT Security and the Blockchain at 12:00 (SAST), which should be pertinent given cryptocurrencies rise to infamy. 

27 February 2018 

Continuing with the theme of IoT, MWC will feature a Four Years From Now (4YFN) session on the subject at 11:00 (SAST), which will try to provide a snapshot of how the tech ecosystem will look in future. 

Also starting at around the same time on Day 2 of MWC 2018 is an Emerging Tech Tour, focusing on the adoption of new technologies when trying to adapt your business. With agility much needed in the current tech climate, this could be a very interesting session. 

28 February 2018 

One of the other big themes at MWC 2018 is AI, and keynote will be happening at 10:30 (SAST) focusing on Creating an Artificially Intelligent Future. With the application of AI technologies still finding its feet, this should be an insightful presentation.

With the news industry coming under attack lately from a certain US president, the keynote titled Don't Give Up on News at 13:00 (SAST) will be intriguing. 

1 March 2018

The final day of MWC 2018 features a number of Awards presentations, but we're more concerned with the Women4Tech keynote address at 10:30 (SAST). With the tech industry suffering from an under representation, hearing how that can change will prove vital.


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