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If you're a member of a country club and enjoy golf on the weekends, you're likely living the good life. You've got a luxury German automobile to get you to the golf course, but what about when you're on it? The clubhouse's golf cart simply won't cut it, and that’s where  Mercedes-Benz's new Garia Golf car comes into play

Inspired by the Stuttgart manufacturer's sports car designs, the Garia Golf car has been built in partnership with a luxury golf cart maker of the same name

What makes this Golf car so special, apart from its sporty stylings? Well for one, it's got a 10.1" tablet front and centre of the dashboard. It displays all the Golf car's vital information, such as speed, power consumption, as well as the in-vehicle controls. It also has a sport and eco driving mode, should you wish to use the latter to quickly finish a nine hole session. The Garia Golf car's top speed is governed to 30 km/h, with an 80 kilometre driving range when fully charged. Reaching maximum battery capacity takes an estimated six hours, but it's unclear how much of an effect using the onboard weather apps, Bluetooth speakers or fridge will have on driving range. 

The Garia Golf car is not on sale just yet, but was on show at The British Open and will be on display at a few tournaments in Europe in coming weeks. Until more info on pricing and availability appear, watch it in action on the video after the break. 


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