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What do you do if you like the shave you’re getting, but intensely dislike the exorbitant cost of the blades? If you’re Johannesburg residents John Woollam and Chris Irwin, you start by scouring the planet for a factory that makes exceptional blades. You find one in the industrial heartland of Germany that uses high grade steel ground to exacting specifications by superb craftsmen. Then you start a business.

Not a conventional business mind you – an online business that actually delivers razor blades directly to the door of South African men on their schedule. With no charge for delivery. In a nutshell, that’s how The Shave Union South Africa was born.

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“We both wanted the best shave possible, but felt ripped off by the high price of quality razor blades – it’s hard not to. We were determined not to compromise on quality, and because shopping for blades can be a hassle, we wanted to make it convenient for guys,” said Woollam.

So what does The Shave Union actually deliver and how much does it cost? Men who sign up will receive four cartridges at a time, each made with five blades, for only R42.25. That’s about 40% less than other blades of comparable quality. Guys can decide if they want the blades delivered every one, two or three months, and they can cancel anytime.

Irwin adds, “You also get a free top-quality razor handle – one of those weighted, ergonomic ones that feels good in hand. Guys will get a super close, comfortable shave for a low price and can cancel anytime. There’s a lot to like and no risk. We think the whole deal is pretty amazing.”

Although razor blade delivery to men’s homes is now common elsewhere in the world, it’s new to South Africa. Will men visit The Shave Union’s website ( and sign on? “Time will tell”, says Woollam, “We look forward to helping lots of men get a great shave at a low cost. The Shave Union is definitely an idea whose time has come.”

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