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2015 was a banner year for drones. They took to the sky in many guises, with their commercial use in delivery becoming a burgeoning market. At the start of 2016, they are moving into the arena of professional sports, with the Drone Racing League (DRL) leading the charge. Yesterday, the organisation took to YouTube to upload a number of videos showcasing what they call "First Person View racing" or FPV.

It seems then, that drone racing is not purely for hobbyists any more, with the potential to become a fully fledged sport in its own right. The premise for the sport is simple, as drone 'pilots' wear goggles that beam in video from the perspective of the small drone, with races held in empty stadiums and shopping malls. As the videos below showcase, the races are very intriguing to watch, particularly as the drones look to reach some high speeds.

At the moment, the events are designed for live spectators, as DRL claims the ability to livestream HD quality video from the drones is not available yet. As such, races will be sent to TV broadcasters, websites and VR platforms after the fact, according to DRL. To make drone racing more mainstream, DRL has been able to source $8 million in funding, which should help share the events with a wider audience.

Click on the videos below and decide whether drone racing is your cup of tea.        


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