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As 7 September draws ever closer - the date of Apple's rumoured unveiling of the iPhone 7 - reports as to the device's features have continually rolled in. This time round, however, it's talk of next year's iteration that grabs our attention. According to sources at Bloomberg, the 2017 iPhone could do away with a home button altogether in favour of a single sheet of glass. This is added to reports by The Verge that next year's iPhone will sport an OLED display, as opposed to the LCD one the current iPhone 6s touts. 

While a move away from a home button, something that Apple fans have utilised for almost a decade now, is indeed a step forward in our opinion, it does bring into question the nature of the iPhone 7. If these reports are true, and Apple will be losing the home button for the 2017 model, will this year's model truly be called the iPhone 7?

Removing the home button would be a significant move by Apple, and one that may not be best to reveal in an 's' branded device, which are normally refined versions of their predecessors. Instead, opting for a single sheet of glass would seem like something Apple would keep for an iPhone 7 or iPhone 8. 

Will the upcoming Apple device then be an iPhone 6 SE or something similar in ilk?


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