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Expect to see these types of heading a bit more as tech gets integrated into more and more consumer products. According to The Verge, Nike’s new self-lacing sneakers are refusing to do just that, thanks to a problem with a new firmware update. This seems to be restricted to Android devices, while it affects (mostly) the left shoe. Without a tightening of the shoe, the $350 Adapt BB shoes can be properly worn.

Nike describes the Adapt as follows: “a platform that creates a truly custom fit by combining an advanced power-lacing system, an app and continually updated firmware, featured in the new Nike Adapt BB basketball shoe.”

Inside the shoe a motor and gear train notes how tight the shoe must be fastened, while this can be adjusted during a game either by touching a button on the shoe, or through the app.

Nike has taken note of the problem and one can think that somewhere at Nike HQ, programmers are hard at work after getting an earful from management. A spokesman told The Verge, ““We are seeing isolated connectivity issues related to the setup of the Nike Adapt BB and are actively working to resolve it. If a consumer experiences this, we encourage them to contact Nike Consumer Services.”

It hasn’t been a particularly good week for Nike, seeing that Duke University star, Zion Williamson’s ‘exploded’ on Thursday in a high stakes game against University of North Carolina. Zion hurt his knee and was out for the rest of the game, while Nike stocks took a tumble of as much as 1.4% in premarket trading after the incident.


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