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Remember the news that PS Vote to Play had been officially confirmed? Well, the first application of the democratic process, as to  which PS4 games PS Plus members will receive is taking place from this Thursday (tomorrow) until the 24th of August.

As for the candidates, each actually looks pretty appealing; and better yet, you don’t have to suffer through their lengthy, self promoting speeches. The first game vying for your vote is Grow Home, in which you play a cute robot or Botanical Utility Droid which needs to grow and climb up a massive beanstalk and harvest its seeds in order to oxygenate his home.

Then there is Armello, a game which we hadn’t seen anything of until now, but which looks utterly charming. It combines RPG and strategic with tabletop and card gaming, with animals playing the lead roles (told you it was charming). Take a look at the trailer below to see for yourself.

Finally, the last candidate is Zombie Vikings, because zombies and Vikings go together like peanut butter and chocolate (we’ll leave it to you to decide which of the two is the chocolate). As we all know, Vikings apparently like to smash their way through the world, and much like those jerks who park in disabled bays without good cause, zombies are practically asking for a beating.

In this four player co-op game’s case though, the Vikings are sent on a quest to retrieve Odin’s missing eye, so expect loads of irreverent humour along with their zany attempt to recover missing body parts.

Admittedly, each of the games looks well worth adding to one’s library. The good news is that while the winner of the popular vote will be made freely available to PS Plus members as part of the September lineup, the runners up will then be discounted to some extent. In order to vote, players need to log on to their PS4 with their Sony Entertainment Network account. They can then find the Vote to Play link under What’s New, Notifications or in PlayStation Store when voting begins.

Unlike in a political election, should you change your mind, you can always recast your vote by logging back in and making a new choice.


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