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Yet another exclusive to motor its way onto the PS4 has been announced, but this time it’s a vehicle on vehicle combat game. Hardware: Rivals is actually a successor to Hardware: Online Arena, a vehicle-based online combat game that had the distinction of being one of PlayStation’s very first online gaming experiences in 2002.

According to the developers, Connected Content Group – a new internal development group at Sony Network Entertainment – they have taken the opportunity to introduce a truckload of upgrades and new features, while reassuring that the spirit of the original gameplay remains the same.

Hardware: Rivals will boast multiple maps, game modes, challenges and special events. While players will be able to  jump online for some frenetic vehicle-on-vehicle combat, they will also be able to indulge in single player or as part of a team. The developers have further promised that along with the regular game modes, there will also be a constantly updating schedule of special events that will add new twists to the gameplay.

It looks like this will be the one and only time where you will actually be able to drink or text while driving. For those of us subjected to anything goes conduct on the real road, we suspect the game may serve as a pressure valve to release your frustration at almost being T-boned by a guy jumping a red light. There is no word on a release date just yet though; in the meantime, drive your eyes to the trailer below.


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