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PUMA has been busy with some hot releases for runners, including the Hybrid Ozone (review) and Speed 600 2. With their latest pair of running shoes, they are cutting back on the unnecessary with a shoe called the UltraRide. For a pair of running shoes it certainly has a unique eye-catching design due to a gap between the uppers and midsole. Puma notes they’ve removed excess materials for a light-weight feel and a responsive ride, built on the foundation of Reductionist Theory.

The UltraRide reduces weight with outsole cutaways to leave runners with the basic running essentials: cushioning and responsiveness. A light, airy mesh provides the upper, while a supportive midsole plate merge through a dynamic bridge design, making for a hole-in-the-wall look that you don’t see every day on a pair of running shoes.

This is supported with PROFOAMLITE high rebound EVA for cushioning and rubber surface area for power transfer at toe-off. Puma further includes its PROPLATE propulsion plate to help provide midfoot stability for a smooth gait cycle, resulting in a reflex toe-off which the company believes propels the runner faster through every stride.

There's an interesting departure for PUMA, seeing that the UltraRide omits the company’s HYBRID Foam energy return midsole, done so, we suspect, to keep the weight down. Talking of which, PodiumRunner places the weight at decent 244 g, ideal for speed work or a fast paced 5/10 km.  

“With UltraRide, we designed the shoe to give runners what they are looking for in a running shoe,” said PUMA Run Train global director, Erin Longin. “The lightweight upper and responsive PROFOAMLITE midsole, combined with the ensures a spry and comfortable stride for runners training for their next goal.”

The PUMA UltraRide is coming to South Africa on 30 July 2020, starting at R1999 from, PUMA Stores and selected retailers.


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