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Always wanted a pair of Sonic the Hedgehog’s super speedy shoes? You don’t have to wait long, since Puma and Sega have teamed up for the RS-0 branded sneaker, the Puma x Sega RS-0 Sonic.

The RS-0 range is a reboot of one of Puma’s 80s classics – the Running System (RS) line. This line basically followed Nike’s foray into better supported shoes for runners, starting in 1986 with the Puma RS-100. The Puma x Sega RS-0 Sonic will take some of the classic range’s best features and blend it with a dash of Sonic.

Unfortunately, there is not a lot known about the shoes just yet, with the only released image (above) of the shoe sporting more pixels than Sonic’s original iteration. The shoe does, however, switch Sonic’s shoes’ classic red for blue, with a spot of green and yellow thrown in for good measure.

Fans would have to wait till June for the big reveal and details regarding the Puma x Sega RS-0 Sonic’s local availability and price. Until then, check out the little teaser video from Puma.


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