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If you’re a gamer that works from home (or even just a gamer), you most probably spend A LOT of time in the chair in front of your setup. If that’s the case, an investment in a good ergonomic chair will pay off in the long run. We spent some time with the Ergo-G chair from Ergotheraphy, and it’s truly wonderful what a difference a good chair can make. 

Going from a so-so chair to something as comfortable as the Ergo-G makes an immediate impact. After the chair arrived, we were lucky enough to be guided in its various adjustments by Hayden from Ergotheraphy. He provided pointers for the correct ergonomic setup on the chair, including the most effective height from the floor, how high the armrests must be, adjustments to the backrest and even how far away your screen should be while working.

As can be expected from a R9 900 chair, the Ergo-G includes numerous adjustments, including 3D armrests that can move up/down, forward/back and inwards/outwards, a reclining backrest, a height adjustable headrest and seat depth adjustment. 

Our favourite feature was the Ergo-G’s lumbar support, which can also twists sideways. This above all else provided the most comfort during extended working periods. The seating area is decently wide and feels comfy underneath, with Ergotheraphy noting a 150kg limit to what the chair can take. If there is one critique, it’s that the headrest couldn’t extend high enough to support a 1.9m frame. Finally, the chair’s twin-wheel castors appear to be of decent quality and move smoothly.

As this is a gaming chair the Ergo-G is available in seven different colours. The default comes with Ergo-G embroidered on the headrest - if this is not to your liking, you can order it without or pay R500 for personalised embroidery to be done. Ergotherapy notes the standard delivery timeline of an Ergo-G chair is a minimum of three weeks, which is quite the wait. 

At just below R10k for the Ergo-G ergonomic gaming chair, you’re certainly paying a premium. It does look like the Ergo-G offers ergonomic features not found on some other gaming chairs, which combined places the chair in an elite category. However, it’s still in the region of R5k more than some of its more expensive (non-ergonomic focussed) competitors. 


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