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It seems like Samsung is trying to outdo Apple in the smartphone stakes by simply giving away its premium devices to users. Okay, so there might be a few more terms and conditions involved, but it seems like Samsung is intent on grabbing more of the Stateside smart device pie, dominated by Apple. Titled Samsung Ultimate Test Drive, this marketing initiative will allow iPhone zealots residing in the US to test out a premium Samsung device for a 30 day period.

Devices include the Galaxy S6 edge (review) which debuted earlier this year, as well as the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+, both of which were revealed only last last week. The move from Samsung is a refreshing one, although the finer details of the promotion still remain a bit murky. For now, we know that users that opt into the promotion will be given a data plan with one of the US' major network carriers, but the extent of the data plan is unknown. The same goes for what happens in the event of the Samsung device getting lost or stolen, as Engadget points out.

When pressed for a bit more information, Engadget got this rather sweeping response from vice president of marketing at Samsung USA, Elizabeth Solomon, "we want to give people the chance to try out Samsung's latest and greatest smartphones firsthand without any obligation through our Ultimate Test Drive."

For now, the promotion remains limited to the US, but it should prove interesting to see how many users in fact make the switch after the 30-day trial is up, and hopefully Samsung will release those figures in order to justify their latest campaign.


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