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In recent years, Qualcomm and Samsung have been collaborating on the manufacture of computing chips for mobile devices. The most recent notable result of this partnership has been the production of a 10 nanometer chip for the Snapdragon 835 processor.

The pair have not stopped there, however, with the South Korean company confirming that it has qualified for the manufacture of smaller 8 nanometer silicon chips a full three months ahead of schedule.

The latest process has yielded a chip that is 10% smaller than its predecessor, as well as being 10% more energy efficient, which resulted in Samsung naming it the 8LPP (Low Power Plus). Along with proving less power intensive, Samsung says this chip will benefit a number of industries and be applied a few different fields, including "mobile, cryptocurrency and network/server."  

Although unconfirmed by Qualcomm, ZDNet reports that the company will be using the 8LPP production method for its new mobile chipsets. Prior to this announcement, it was believed that Qualcomm would be moving to 7 nanometer chips designed with extreme ultraviolet lithography rival semiconductor maker TSMC. As Engadget notes, had the chip maker split from Samsung, things would have been quite awkward, especially considering many Galaxy flagship devices feature Qualcomm processors.   

As far as what's next for the pair, it appears that 6 nanometer chips are in the offing, with Samsung expected to detail its roadmap in the next few days.


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