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The creator of Shenmue has taken to Kickstarter yet again to try raise enough cash to make another Shenmue game.

When the possibility of Shenmue 3 was first announced, the support via Kickstarter was enthusiastic, to say the least, with the campaign garnering $2 million – the game’s goal at the time - in less than 12 hours. It ultimately culminated in surpassing this, racking up more than $6 million. While the overwhelming and ardent support makes it the most successful Kickstarter campaign for a game yet, apparently, the creator Yu Suzuki requires quite a bit more to make the title as open world as he would like.

Thus, he has turned once again to Kickstarter, launching a Slacker Backer campaign, basically extending the funding period until December 2015. Exceeding the goal would result in the developer being able to expand the battle system, as well as Choubu and Bailu in-game areas.  

As it stands, the game is slated to release on the PS4 in December 2017, so it is quite some time to wait. Nonetheless, if you are attracted by the idea of another Shenmue, or are keen on the rewards on offer, you can pledge your support here.


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