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Sony has some truly interesting products in its portfolio, most of which are revealed at either MWC or IFA. One such device is the Xperia Touch projector, which we've seen the device in both concept and fully fledged form in the past 18 months. Now the interactive device is slated for arrival in the States, carrying with it a rather hefty price tag of $1 700 (R22 750).

For those unfamiliar with the device it can project onto any tangible surface, creating an image up to 80" (diagonally) large. The real intriguing aspect of this smart device is the ability to interact and touch the projected image, with Google Assistant-aided voice control available as well. Added to this is a 1366x768 resolution and 60 fps motion rate.

As such, its features allow users to control a video or app, or play the piano as shown in the video below. The Xperia Touch can also be paired with a PS4, and has an Android operating system for users to sync their Android-based profile to the projector.

While the Xperia Touch will no doubt appeal to gadget fiends, the R20k plus price tag is enough to scare most tech obsessed consumers off. There is no word on bringing it to South Africa just yet, but we have spoken to Sony Xperia execs in the past, with them noting that the Xperia Touch may be a bit too niche to launch locally. Add to that its substantial asking price, and this smart projector remains out of reach for now.


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