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While many manufacturers try to shy away from E-Ink touting devices given their niche market, Sony has once again served up a 13.3" tablet in the form of the DPT-RP1. It's a follow up to a similarly sized tablet that the Japanese company showcased in March 2014, but which was only released in its native country. This new model will likely make its way to market in the same fashion, meaning it probably won't come to SA.

Nevertheless, its specifications and design are still worth looking at. On the display side, the 13.3" screen has received a resolution boost to 1650x2200 dots. It's also thinner and lighter than the previous tablet, tipping the scale at 349 g and measuring 5.9 mm thick. 

Added to this is support for multiple operating systems depending on what kind of docs you're working with, including Windows 7 and up, as well as Mac OS X 10 and better, but this functionality is only limited to reading and annotating of PDF files. Added to this is a Digital Paper app that converts websites and other documents to the E-Ink PDF format too. 

As for price, Sony is hoping to sell the DPT-RP1 for $700, which is still a hefty price for a niche device, but considerably less than the original's $1100 price tag.


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