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Have you perhaps wondered what exactly happened after the Battle of Endor, after Darth Vader was no more and Emperor Palpatine had met his fiery demise? Well, apparently the Star Wars’ universe wasn’t instantly one big party, and the canon story between the end of Episode 6 and the beginning of Star Wars: The Force Awakens is going to be told. Here’s the kicker though, it will be done so in a mobile RPG game (Android and iOS) called Star Wars: Uprising.

In Uprising, apparently there will still be Imperial oppressors to deal with and defeat, and a galaxy that needs to still learn of the Empire’s downfall (no, they didn’t have Facebook or Twitter). What they do have though, is propaganda, with the Empire’s defeat being denied in true evil style.

The game will apparently take players to the Anoat Sector, including the icy world of Hoth and Cloud City. Players will also be able to choose from a variety of classes, such as Smuggler, Bounty Hunter, Rebel Guerilla, Diplomat, Gambler. As expected from an RPG, players can look forward to learning hundreds of new abilities and collecting classic gear and equipment, as well as, according to the Star Wars site, going on missions, building their gear and skills, and organising crews and factions to participate in wide-ranging battles.

Take a look at the trailer below for a brief introduction.


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