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There’s a lot of talk about the importance of female heroines in comics and certainly the most awesome one ever is Tank Girl. Created by writer Alan Martin and artist Jamie Hewlett (also responsible for Gorillaz), our eponymous fugitive drives a tank, has a mutant kangaroo as boyfriend and hangs around with Sub Girl, Jet Girl and Boat Girl.

You can stock up on Tank Girl comics this week with Humble Bundle, who is celebrating her 30th anniversary alongside publisher Titan. In total you get $215 worth of comics if you are prepared to drop $15 – a steal in our books. This includes Tank Girl issue 1-14 and a number of stand-alone titles. You can start with only $1, but obviously that gets you far fewer titles, although still a decent amount of comics.

While Hewlett did the initial work to establish Tank Girl’s punk rock aesthetic, duties were later handed over to other artists, including the awesome Ashley Wood (Zombies Vs Robots) and amazing Brett Parson (Mad Max: Fury Road).

Not keen on comics? There are two more bundles currently running. Make: Electronics 2018 gives you a number of cool electronic projects to create, and the Head First Series by O'Reilly is all about programming. Make sure you dig in before the Bundles come to a close.


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