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Marvel Studios has a slew of films coming out this year, and Thor: Ragnarok could perhaps be the showpiece. Conspicuously absent during Civil War, Ragnarok will help Avengers fans check in on their favourite Norse god of thunder and a certain big, green, wrecking machine. To that end, a teaser trailer has arrived in anticipation for its October/November 2017 release.  

Without trying to give too much away, a new antagonist has entered the fray in the form of Hela, played by Cate Blanchett. Unlike the villains we've seen in the past from the Thor universe, this one looks more formidable than most, evidenced by what she does to Mjolnir in the opening few seconds of the teaser trailer, along with laying waste to Asgard.

Also noteworthy is the fight between Thor and The Hulk, as the two square off in a intergalactic gladiatorial arena of sorts, and perhaps finish what they started in the first Avengers film. As for who comes up trumps, we'd have to give the big green guy the edge.

Hit play on the teaser below to see what this pair of Avengers have been up to, as Led Zeppelin sounds in the background.


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