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8 November

Great Odin’s Raven! Chris Hemsworth left Australia a boy to become a hammer-wielding god in Hollywood. Red Dawn remake aside, Hemsworth proving to be a bankable star and versatile actor. He rocked Thor and now he’s returned after putting the ‘T’ in TEAM in The Avengers. Out is Kenneth “Shakespeare” Branagh and in is Game of Thrones director Alan Taylor and Captain America’s writing team. Thor: Dark World looks set for greatness with more action-packed fantasy adventure, another epic clash of worlds (and egos), and everyone’s favourite Oscar-winning damsel-in-distress, Natalie Portman.


8 November

Cecil Gaines served eight U.S. Presidents during his time as a butler at the White House. Forest Whitaker brings this man’s incredible true story to life as he, his family and society are affected by the civil rights movement and Vietnam. The Butler features an all-star cast including: Oprah Winfrey, John Cusack, Jane Fonda, Cuba Gooding Jr., Terrence Howard, Vanessa Redgrave, James Marsden, Alan Rickman, Liev Schreiber and Robin Williams. This thought-provoking biographical drama is directed by Lee Daniels (Precious), whose fearless casting calls have included the likes of Lenny Kravitz, Mariah Carey, Macy Gray and Cuba Gooding Jr.


15 November

James Wan is bringing horror back with a vengeance in Insidious 2. The director is responsible for the nightmare-inducing SAW, The Conjuring and Insidious – three of the scariest and most inventive horrors of the last decade. Insidious 2 reunites us with the ill-fated Lambert family as they try to disconnect themselves from the spirit world known as The Further. Unfortunately it turns out it’s not as easy as flipping a light switch. If this sequel doesn’t get under your skin, the fact that Wan has switched his attentions from haunted houses to nitrous oxide in Fast & Furious 7 just might.


15 November

When Somali pirates hijacked the MV Maersk Alabama cargo ship in 2009, they went head-to-head with Captain Richard Phillips. Bourne Ultimatum director, Paul Greengrass, brings this suspenseful true story and complex portrait of the effects of globalisation to life with an Oscar-calibre performance from Tom Hanks. Tense, thrilling and deeply moving, Captain Phillips, gives us a chance to see an in-form Hanks bring an average American to life in the direst of situations. If you were absorbed by Blood Diamond’s thrilling mix of current affairs and entertainment, this one’s a must-see.


28 November

Anant Singh’s long-awaited adaptation of Mandela’s powerful biography, Long Walk to Freedom, has been compared to Richard Attenborough’s 20 year struggle to make Gandhi. Many fine actors have tried to capture the grace, spirit and unmistakable voice of our beloved Madiba over the years. However, an eight minute standing ovation at the Toronto Film Festival premiere could cement Idris Elba’s (Pacific Rim) towering performance as the quintessential on-screen Mandela. This grand biopic should be compulsory viewing for all South Africans.


Pacific Rim

11 November

Giant robots fighting sea monsters… it may sound like something you used to do as a kid, but you probably didn’t have $190 million to spend on bath toys. Guillermo del Toro does, which is why he decided to loosely adapt the anime series, Neon Genesis Evangelion. It may not be as ethereal, but the visual effects are colossal, the action’s kick-ass and Pacific Rim blends some of the last decade’s best sci-fi element.


18 November

Neill Blomkamp’s District 9 was a runaway success; so naturally, all eyes were on the follow-up, Elysium. A bigger budget and a stellar cast enabled the South African director to create his own world, segregating the haves from the have-nots to create another power struggle of epic proportions. Watch Sharlto Copley steal the show as Kruger, the South African mercenary and lovechild of Chuck Norris and Die Antwoord’s Ninja.


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