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Eight friends in a remote cabin in the middle of nowhere at nightfall – what could possibly go wrong? Well, players will be able to find out just how wrong that cozy scenario can become, as Until Dawn’s release has been set for the 26th of August.

The game will apparently take a page out of the book of the likes of Cabin in the Woods, Halloween, and countless movies that have played upon the fears of darkness, an unseen menace, isolation and the eternal question: Who can you trust? Where the game will depart from its cinematic counterparts, is that apparently all eight friends could survive the night, if you choose right.

The developers, Supermassive Games, also announced a new acting talent lending his voice and likeness to the game Peter Stormare (Prison Break, The Big Lebowski ,Arrow). Apparently, Stormare greatly impressed the developers. “We couldn’t be happier to have him in the games and I can’t wait for you to see him in full flow.” said Pete Samuels, managing director at Supermassive Games.

As befits a survival horror title, the latest release date comes with some hopeful news and a little bit of bad news for local players. On the plus side, along with a new trailer, players who preorder the game will unlock a special bonus scene for free. This exclusive scene sees Matt and Emily, a new couple, out on the mountain, who, it turns out, aren’t quite as alone as they thought.

On the not so good side of the equation, although there will be three editions of Until Dawn: the standard edition, extended edition and the steelbook edition, only the standard edition of Until Dawn will be released locally. Anyway, the latest trailer, is suspenseful to say the least. Check it out below.


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