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Over the years many have tried to bridge the digital divide - the difference between technology access in emerging economies compared to the west. There have been promises of the $100 laptop for Africa and ‘fair price broadband for all’, but unfortunately we are still waiting. Now there is a brazen attempt to deliver the latest quad-core technology in a smartphone that is more affordable to all.

Alvin Peacock, CEO of XPmobile, believes his company is ready to address this ever widening technology gap with their VIVID smartphone. “This has been done before with our CRS brand, while we have also sold over a million desktop computer systems since 1999. We will do an even better job with mobile” he notes.

Quad-core aboard

The 5.5" VIVID is not short on features, sporting amongst others a quad-core processor, and retails at a very aggressive price point: R2 999 without contract. By the time it goes on sales on the 1st of October it will be the most competitive high-end smartphone on the market.

Peacock says that they are able to deliver this attractive device at a truly competitive price due to the fact that marketing costs are kept down thanks to pre-launch orders exceeding 2000 units.

“VIVID was designed and developed here in South Africa and we stay true to our core values of adding value to the customers in order to deliver affordable technology at a fair price,” he notes.

To the point

With a number of big players asking enormous amounts for new smartphones at the expense of the customer in this market, high-end smartphones can cost more than one is likely to pay for a high-end notebook. That can’t be right, so XPmobile has the right idea with VIVID smartphone offering a 5.5" screen and quad-core performance packed into a stylish device. It offers tremendous value at a fair price and will have a lasting effect on the local smartphone landscape.

For more information contact XPmobile on 011-462 8806.


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