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With all the hot news and new trailers coming from San Diego Comic-Con, one that perhaps played second fiddle to some of the bigger releases was the trailer for Watchmen. Coming October as an HBO series, Watchmen forgoes Alan Moore’s classic comic book, providing a more contemporary setting in an alternative America. With masked vigilantes and of course superheroes now outlawed, US citizens seem content with donning masks themselves. This is creating a major headache for the Government as a revolution doesn’t seem far off while counter-revolutionaries are now also picking up arms.

The series stars Jeremy Irons, Louis Gossett Jr., Don Johnson and Erika Murphy, who worked together with creator Damon Lindelof on the HBO drama The Leftovers. According to Wikipedia, the only four characters stemming from the original storyline are Doctor Manhattan, Silk Spectre, Hooded Justice and Ozymandias. Hooded Justice actually makes his appearance in a fictional series-within-a-series, called American Hero Story: Minutemen. However, that the legacy of Rorschach is alive and well is certainly true, since vigilantes are sporting their own versions of his iconic mask.

Confused? Indeed, with the trailer setting out a vast array of characters to populate what seems like a convoluted plot. At this stage, we’re not quite convinced yet, so hopefully a few more trailers will set up the series a bit better. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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