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If you check your Twitter timeline today, it will likely be filled with tweets in reference to #WomenBoycottTwitter. The hashtag is being used to send a message to the social media platform, which recently suspended the account of actress Rose McGowan. In a series of tweets, she shed greater light on instances of sexual harassment suffered while trying to make a name for herself in Hollywood.

McGowan, like several other celebrities of late, have been detailing different sexual harassment encounters they've had to endure, following the recent allegations leveled against producer Harvey Weinstein. Unfortunately, Twitter suspended McGowan's account a few days ago, taking some time to detail why it did so. Naturally, the company's suspension of her account came under fire, particularly when divisive account like President Donald Trump's remains active.

Twitter's reason for the suspension was the fact that one of McGowan's tweets contained the contact details of another person, which breached their rules and regulations. Despite McGowan removing the number from the original tweet before reposting, Twitter continued with her 12 hour suspension. Unsatisfied with such a response, activists on Twitter are calling for users to boycott the social media platform today (13 October) to show solidarity with Rose McGowan, but also display support for women who have had to contend with sexual harassment.    


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