Interview with Absa’s Sandro Bucchianeri: Staying secure in a pandemic

By Ryan Noik 15 May 2020

Recently we sat down with Absa group chief security officer Sandro Bucchianeri to discuss Absa's approach to cybersecurity, pandemics, and dealing with unforeseen threats. FULL STORY >


Developer focused SpringOne Tour coming to South Africa in April

By Ryan Noik 8 March 2019

The SpringOne Tour is, for the first time to date, coming to South Africa. FULL STORY >


Opinion - How technology is changing the face of retail

By Opinion 25 June 2018

Andre Rosslee, Head of Wholesale Retail at Absa looks at how technology is helping small business owners seize retail opportunities. FULL STORY >


Will bots ever take over the world of customer service?

By Press Release 25 April 2017

Marius de la Rey and Jan Moganwa of Absa, give their takes on how bots can add value to the workplace, and in particular help deliver better customer service. FULL STORY >


Vodacom launches Masterpass in-app payments for secure mobile purchases

By Press Release 4 October 2016

Vodacom customers can now buy airtime, data bundles and SMS bundles through the My Vodacom mobile application using Masterpass. FULL STORY >


How can data scientists and data product managers capitalise on the gold mine that sits within big data

By Press Release 29 June 2016

Today, companies are collecting an ever-increasing amount of information from different channels and sources. With growing competition in financial services, companies need to use data to... FULL STORY >


Data science empowers Absa’s customers to be on top of their money

By Staff Writer 10 February 2016

Absa’s new smart alert uses the power of big data and advanced analytics to help customers manage their money FULL STORY >


Absa launches ReadytoWork in South Africa

By Staff Writer 3 December 2015

Absa today announced the launch in South Africa of ‘ReadytoWork,’ an employability initiative that aims to train and equip young people for the world of work. FULL STORY >


Absa’s first-to-market online tool helps reverse unauthorised debit orders

By Staff Writer 5 November 2015

While online and mobile banking transforming the way people bank, the digital evolution has also increased the risk of fraud. To that end Absa debuts its latest fraud prevention tool. FULL STORY >


Absa launches online insurance platform

By Ryan Noik 5 September 2013

Absa has launched its new online insurance offering, which enables users to access six insurance and investment products from a central location. FULL STORY >


Absa Bank launches new app

By Ryan Noik 11 April 2013

Absa Bank has launched a new app, which is aimed at offering customers banking convenience from the comfort of their mobile device. FULL STORY >


Absa launches its new Payment Pebble

By Ryan Noik 29 November 2012

Entrepreneurs and small businesses take note: Absa has unveiled a new development it promises will make accepting payments easier. FULL STORY >


More women adopting digital banking, says Absa report

By Ryan Noik 29 August 2012

The latest analysis of customer behaviour by Absa's Digital Banking unit has revealed that more women are now adopting digital banking, particularly using a cellphone. FULL STORY >


Absa launches trial of near field communication payments

By Ryan Noik 6 December 2011

Absa bank has launched a trial that may mark the beginning of the end for the wallet as we know it. FULL STORY >


Absa refreshes ATM network

By Staff Writer 14 November 2011

Absa reveals new ATM user interfaces and features set to expand on the capabilities of self-service banking in South Africa. FULL STORY >

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