Where would we be today without Wi-Fi?

By Press Release 26 April 2017

Where would we be today without WiFi? No more hotspots. No cool internet cafés. Our ‘mobile’ devices would be far less mobile. Or what would life be like without the microwave? What many of us don’t know, however, is that these two technologies were... FULL STORY >


Top reasons why big data analytics is the heart of the digital transformation in the channel

By Press Release 6 March 2017

Digital transformation is reshaping the way the channel does business across all industries. The channel is no different says, Marco Pozzoni, EMEA & India sales director at NetApp, and it requires a... FULL STORY >


The big data puzzle: making sense of unstructured data

By Press Release 31 October 2016

The growing maturity around the Internet of Things, the massively increasing number of connected devices, the explosion of video, social media, user generated content have all resulted in exponential growth in the amount of data at our... FULL STORY >


Analytics-as-a-Service - a remedy to overcome ‘analytics inertia’

By Press Release 31 October 2016

There’s a smarter way to turn your Big Data ambitions into action. FULL STORY >


Orange Business Services helps enterprises benefit from IoT and Big Data with the international launch of Datavenue

By Press Release 21 October 2016

Orange Business Services has announced the worldwide launch of Datavenue, its innovative Internet of Things (IoT) and data analytics modular offer. FULL STORY >


First out the gate: Smart tech’s competitive advantage

By Press Release 4 August 2016

Keith Fenner, vice president at Sage X3 International, says smart technology is reshaping all industries thanks to an increasing number of devices that are connected to the internet and are able to transmit information. FULL STORY >


SAP Showcases the SAP Digital Boardroom

By Press Release 6 July 2016

SAP recently unveiled the SAP Digital Boardroom, a planned breakthrough digital approach that aims to contextualise and simplify performance reporting across all areas of business in real time. FULL STORY >


How can data scientists and data product managers capitalise on the gold mine that sits within big data

By Press Release 29 June 2016

Today, companies are collecting an ever-increasing amount of information from different channels and sources. With growing competition in financial services, companies need to use data to... FULL STORY >


Qlik: Welcoming the new era of business intelligence

By Press Release 23 March 2016

IT industry veteran Dan Sommer, the senior director: market intelligence lead at Qlik, says that companies need to move beyond traditional BI and embrace the endless possibilities that connecting people with data and ideas will bring. FULL STORY >


Data science empowers Absa’s customers to be on top of their money

By Staff Writer 10 February 2016

Absa’s new smart alert uses the power of big data and advanced analytics to help customers manage their money FULL STORY >


Big Data – a crucial enabler for world-class public transportation

By Press Release 18 January 2016

South Africa faces some unique challenges when it comes to public transport. The reality is that public transport – in general – hasn’t yet capitalised on the opportunities presented by new technology advancements. FULL STORY >


FNB: Five Big Data trends for 2016

By Staff Writer 18 January 2016

Yudhvir Seetharam, Head of Analytics at FNB Business, shares five trends on the growth of Big Data and how it is actively being used by businesses. FULL STORY >


Big Data: the game-changer in the business of sport

By Press Release 15 October 2015

Across South Africa and the continent, sport has become far more than just a game: it’s big business. As savvy team owners have realized, technology can give them a vital edge - both on the field and off it FULL STORY >


Big Data isn’t the problem – data copies are

By Press Release 14 October 2015

In an age where Big Data is the mantra and terabytes quickly become petabytes, the surge in data quantities is causing the complexity and cost of data management to skyrocket FULL STORY >


3 Real-world use cases for the Internet of Things and big data

By Staff Writer 6 October 2015

Technology often progresses in ways that can surprise us. Just eight years ago, many people thought of the then-new Apple iPhone as an expensive toy of little interest to the workaday world or the average consumer FULL STORY >

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