China cracks down on VoIP

By Johan Keyter 4 January 2011

China cracks down on what it calls illegal VoIP companies, meaning Skype could soon join the list of websites excluded from the country. FULL STORY >


Chinese embargo causes tech price increase

By Johan Keyter 9 November 2010

The recent Chinese embargo on rare earth elements is causing price increases in the world of high-tech products. FULL STORY >


Google suing the United States government

By Johan Keyter 2 November 2010

Google accuses the US government of unfair conduct and favouritism towards Microsoft. FULL STORY >


Google hacking attacks update

By Hanleigh Daniels 22 February 2010

A hacker responsible for the attacks in China on a number of US companies, including Google, may soon be exposed. FULL STORY >


Digital addicts on the increase in China

By Staff Writer 4 February 2010

It seems like Chinese kids love the net just a bit too much, with a study showing 24 million kids addicted to the web. FULL STORY >


Google in China

By Mike Joubert 2 February 2010

Google have said that they will radically change their China policy after a "highly sophisticated and targeted attack", originated from the country in December 2009, resulting in intellectual property being stolen and human rights activists' accounts being hacked. FULL STORY >


Google suffers sophisticated Chinese hacking attack

By Staff Writer 13 January 2010

Search giant Google to stop censoring Chinese search results after a hacking attack resulted in stolen intellectual property and human rights activists' accounts being hacked. FULL STORY >


Lenovo Rising

By Mike Joubert 7 January 2010

TechSmart was invited by computer manufacturer Lenovo to spend a few days in Beijing, capital of China and the heart of Lenovo operations. We came back with the impression that this Chinese dragon is not in dreamland anymore. FULL STORY >


China demands web-filtering software

By Thomas McKinnon 9 June 2009

All PCs sold in China, even imported PCs, will have to be pre-installed with \"Green Dam Youth Escort\" filtering software. FULL STORY >

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