Quick, cheap and dangerous: how scammers are creating thousands of fake pages using phishing kits

By Staff Writer 1 April 2022

Kaspersky researchers have revealed that in 2021 they blocked 1.2 million individual phishing pages based on 469 phishing kits — which are ready-made fake page templates, that allow... FULL STORY >


Phishing attacks on the decline but spam email is still a threat

By Staff Writer 14 September 2021

While phishing attacks have been waning in Africa, spam email is still going strong, according to the latest reports. FULL STORY >


Kaspersky: Minecraft’s popularity being exploited to bombard users with unwanted ads

By Staff Writer 26 November 2020

More than 20 applications advertised on app stores pretending to offer additional Minecraft features are in fact bombarding users with unwanted ads, finds Kaspersky. FULL STORY >


Scammers increasingly distribute spam and phishing emails from legitimate company websites

By Industry Contributor 16 August 2019

Kaspersky researchers have identified a growth in the usage of cunning spam and phishing delivery techniques, with malicious internet users exploiting registration, subscription, and feedback forms on... FULL STORY >


Gmail users report spam messages from their own addresses

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 23 April 2018

Google is aware of the issue and says it's trying to address it. FULL STORY >


FIFA 2018 and Bitcoin among 2017’s main spam and phishing topics

By Press Release 20 February 2018

According to Kaspersky Lab’s Spam and phishing in 2017 report, cybercriminals have been following a global agenda and have been using hot topics such as FIFA 2018 and Bitcoin to fool users and steal their money or personal... FULL STORY >


WhatsApp reportedly testing alert for spam message forwarding

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 17 January 2018

Designed as a countermeasure against the spread of fake news. FULL STORY >


Bursting the Bitcoin bubble: Spammers cash in on Blockchain euphoria

By Press Release 8 November 2017

Multiple blockchain-themed fraud schemes exploiting the hype around the technology have been spotted in the wild recently, according to Kaspersky Lab’s Spam and Phishing in Q3 2017 report. FULL STORY >


Truecaller takes aim at mobile spam and anonymous messages

By Staff Writer 20 August 2015

Truecaller announced the global availability of its Truemessenger app, which aims to change the way you communicate by making your SMS experience smarter and more social. FULL STORY >


The dirty side of the quest for likes

By Johan Keyter 21 January 2014

Click farming is become a big problem, with companies creating and using fake accounts to increase Facebook likes, view YouTube videos, or re-tweet their clients’ every word. FULL STORY >


Spam decreasing, but still endemic

By Ryan Noik 26 June 2013

Kaspersky Lab has reported that spam may have decreased slightly in the last month, but reiterated its call for users to be vigilant, particularly of phishing attacks. FULL STORY >


A return to the past for spam methods

By Staff Writer 9 May 2013

It seems that while there might not be much change to the amount of spam worldwide, spammers are returning to old methods to circumvent filtering methods. FULL STORY >


Spam levels decline to 5 year low

By Ryan Noik 28 January 2013

According to Kaspersky Lab there has been a marked drop in email spam in the past year, although malware attachments remain a problem. FULL STORY >


Malicious activity in spam on the rise, says Kaspersky

By Ryan Noik 28 September 2012

Kaspersky Lab has released its latest spam report, which sheds interesting light on the cyclical nature of spam attacks. FULL STORY >


Kaspersky Lab presents its Q2 2012 spam report

By Staff Writer 17 August 2012

Kaspersky Lab provides a recap of the activities of spammers during Q2 2012. FULL STORY >

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