Portal 2 to be cross compatible

By Johan Keyter 19 January 2011

Valve announces that the upcoming Portal 2 will feature cross compatible play between the PS3, PC and Mac. FULL STORY >


Games for Windows overhaul

By Johan Keyter 25 October 2010

Major updates on the way for Microsoft's Games for Windows website FULL STORY >


Steam reaches user milestone

By Hanleigh Daniels 19 October 2010

The Steam gaming platform for PC and Mac now has over 30 million users and over 1 200 gaming titles on offer. FULL STORY >


Steam download trade-in rumoured

By Johan Keyter 14 October 2010

The latest industry rumours hints that Valve might be looking at introducing a new Steam trade-in system. FULL STORY >


Valve and Microsoft dividing PC gamers says Gearbox

By Johan Keyter 11 October 2010

Gearbox takes a stab at Valve and Microsoft over the state of cross-service PC gaming. FULL STORY >


International Steam downtime scheduled for later today

By Johan Keyter 11 October 2010

Valve announces four hours of Steam downtime scheduled for later today. FULL STORY >


South Korea may ban Steam

By Johan Keyter 6 September 2010

The South Korean Game Rating Board is enforcing stricter control over games released in the country which may result in Steam being banned. FULL STORY >


Steam software survey results released

By Johan Keyter 24 August 2010

Steam has released its first batch of software survey results, gained from scanning thousands of Steam users PC's to determine which software is most popular. FULL STORY >

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