The role of technology in driving equality

By Industry Contributor 4 July 2022

By Andrew Bourne, Regional Manager, Zoho Corp. FULL STORY >


Property market targeted as cyber-crime increases

By Industry Contributor 23 June 2022

Antonie Goosen from Meridian Realty unpacks the growth of cyber-crime in the property sector. FULL STORY >


Interview with Avaya – Adapting to a new world of customer service Part 1

By Ryan Noik 21 June 2022

In this multi-part interview with Avaya's MD, Brett Butler, he explains why organisations need to adapt to serving a new kind of evolving customer and providing them with a holistic customer experience. FULL STORY >


Redefining the boundaries of human engagement

By Industry Contributor 2 June 2022

Technology has evolved to the point where it can transform human engagement. Rod Jones from Callbi explains. FULL STORY >


Devastating impact of climate change call for sturdier tech

By Staff Writer 29 April 2022

As the recent floods in KwaZulu-Natal have so starkly demonstrated, climate change is not a problem that is waiting to happen, but is happening right now, often with dire consequences. It also calls for companies to innovate with... FULL STORY >


Avaya Virtual Agent now available as a ready-to-deploy, configurable service

By Staff Writer 28 April 2022

A new enhancement to Avaya OneCloud Experience Platform enables businesses to elevate their customer experience in just a few minutes. FULL STORY >


Sustainable technology: Small changes for conscious living

By Industry Contributor 21 April 2022

Ahead of Earth Day tomorrow, Paula Sartini reveals how you can reduce your carbon footprint - just by being more conscious of what you are doing with your email. FULL STORY >


Fostering purpose-driven innovation in a new digital world

By Industry Contributor 21 April 2022

In the last few years, a new breed of leaders has emerged. They are purpose-driven innovators, and their impact on the world is just as significant as any other great leaders in history. Mohammed Amin from Dell Technologies explains. FULL STORY >


Standard Bank says partnerships key to developing cloud skills in Africa

By Press Release 13 April 2022

The explosion of cloud computing in recent years has highlighted the opportunity to close the gap in cloud and other technology skills in South Africa and the rest of Africa to accelerate economic growth. FULL STORY >


Life on Mars, robot housekeepers and jetpacks to school - kids predict the future

By Staff Writer 12 April 2022

New survey findings reveal what the future will hold in the next ten to fifty years, according to children. The future, as children aged 5-11 see it, brings exciting, wacky technological advancements but some... FULL STORY >


Finding the business case for blockchain

By Industry Contributor 8 April 2022

Sumit Kumar Sharma, Enterprise Architect and Head of Advisory Services at In2IT Technologies explains the many applications that blockchain can hold. FULL STORY >


Driving sales through technology in 2022

By Industry Contributor 4 April 2022

Mandy Duncan, Aruba Country Manager South Africa, highlights how retailers must capatilise on the momentum of transformational activities to build the flexibility that is demanded of businesses today. FULL STORY >


The most foolish technology predictions and can we avoid them?

By Industry Contributor 1 April 2022

By Kim Furman, Synthesis Marketing Manager FULL STORY >


IBM bolsters investments in MEA with the launch of Client Engineering

By Staff Writer 22 March 2022

IBM has announced the launch of its Client Engineering team in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) for clients and business partners in a bid to deliver an enhanced client experience focused on co-creation, technical eminence... FULL STORY >


The balancing act of financial organizations to compete in a technology-driven world

By Industry Contributor 22 March 2022

Digital acceleration is impacting how we work, live, and consume services. In addition, the digital evolution of Financial Services Organizations (FSOs) raises essential questions about the future of banking.... FULL STORY >

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