Energy management in datacentres – keeping rising GHG at bay

By Industry Contributor 21 June 2024

By Dwibin Thomas, Cluster Automation Leader at Schneider Electric FULL STORY >


Revolutionising network automation

By Industry Contributor 3 June 2024

By Andre Kannemeyer, CTO at Duxbury Networking FULL STORY >


Top 5 reasons to integrate and automate your business

By Staff Writer 24 April 2024

In the wake of South Africa's first event dedicated to integration and automation, Flowgear Sync, held at the Microsoft Campus in Bryanston, Daniel Chilcott, Managing Director and Co-Founder at Flowgear, explained what integration and... FULL STORY >


AEX acquires local tech firm Telcotech to bolster its marketing and sales automation offering to ISPs

By Industry Contributor 20 March 2024

Broadband software platform and managed services company Automation Exchange (AEX) has expanded its marketing and sales automation offerings for Internet Service Providers ( ISPs ) and Fiber... FULL STORY >


AI and automation's potential for humanity and work

By Industry Contributor 4 January 2024

By Prof. Mark Nasila, Chief Data and Analytics Officer in FNB Chief Risk Office FULL STORY >


From zero to hero – where automation can close the books on wasted time

By Industry Contributor 4 October 2023

Jordan Burger explains the advantages of automation for small and medium-sized businesses, highlighting that automation can speed up the closing process, making it more efficient, and allowing finance teams to focus on... FULL STORY >


The age of process automation

By Industry Contributor 26 September 2023

By Hennie Colyn, Direct Sales Executive: Process Automation at Schneider Electric FULL STORY >


Coming to terms with data automation

By Industry Contributor 21 June 2023

Nathi Dube, Director, PBT Innovation at PBT Group, explains why data automation is essential now for businesses and how ChatGPT is driving its adoption. FULL STORY >


Data centres are more vulnerable than ever

By Industry Contributor 31 May 2023

By Hennie Colyn, Direct Sales Executive, Process Automation at Schneider Electric FULL STORY >


Automation is the new discipline for South African consumers

By Industry Contributor 2 February 2023

By Ricki Allardice Head of Product, upnup FULL STORY >


Go beyond manual IT operations management, compliance and monitoring with automation

By Industry Contributor 4 November 2022

By Tania van Wyk de Vries, Chief Product Officer at Obsidian Systems FULL STORY >


The IoV – the cutting edge of vehicle automation

By Industry Contributor 16 September 2022

George Senzere, solution architect: Secure Power at Schneider Electric explains how intelligent vehicle networks are drastically changing the landscape. FULL STORY >


Side by side: RPA and humans power business forward

By Industry Contributor 14 September 2022

Greg Newton explains why contrary to fears about job losses, automation makes business more efficient, cost effective and innovative, resulting in business growth and the creation of many more jobs within the economy. FULL STORY >


Machine vision: the key to unleashing automation’s full potential

By Industry Contributor 19 July 2022

Eric Tyree, SVP of AI and Innovation, SS&C Blue Prism, provides insight on how to capitalize on business opportunities and open to endless possibilities and opportunities FULL STORY >


Robotic process automation to empower business, drive future skills

By Industry Contributor 13 July 2021

Emma Murray, chief operating officer for APJMEA at IFS, unpacks the weighty role that Robotic Process Automation in ensuring a better future - and why these types of intelligent technologies are essential to businesses. FULL STORY >

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