Cisco Interview Part 2: Cybersecurity, AI and the evolution of computing

By Ryan Noik 11 June 2024

In Part 2 of our interview with Cisco's Nabeel Rajab, he explores the impact AI is having on datacentres, computing and security and explains how Hypershield is paving the way for an AI-infused future. FULL STORY >


Cisco Interview Part 1: Taking cybersecurity to a new level with Hypershield

By Ryan Noik 10 June 2024

Recently Ryan Noik sat down with Cisco’s Nabeel Rajab, to gain a deeper insight into the newly released Hypershield. In Part 1, Rajab dives deeper into how Hypershield works to combat the security threats known and... FULL STORY >


AI-powered Telemetry: The key to unlocking business efficiency

By Industry Contributor 4 June 2024

Doug Woolley, GM for Dell Technologies SA, explains the need for companies to ensure optimal IT infrastructure performance for maximum productivity and profitability in today's business world. FULL STORY >


Business adoption and trustworthy AI take centre stage at SAS Innovate On Tour Istanbul

By Staff Writer 31 May 2024

At the most recent SAS Innovate, the spotlight was firmly focused on responsible AI and business adoption of the technology. FULL STORY >


Generative AI: Reinventing the way we work

By Industry Contributor 31 May 2024

Saad Toma, General Manager IBM Middle East Africa gives his insights on how generative AI is reinventing the way we work. FULL STORY >


How does AI fit into your business’s managed IT services?

By Industry Contributor 28 May 2024

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming businesses globally, and South Africa is eager to join the wave. However, a recent Cisco AI Readiness Index reveals a sobering reality: only 11% of South African organisations are... FULL STORY >


What makes Africans excel at customer service

By Staff Writer 28 May 2024

Corporate brands seeking high-quality offshore Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services are rightfully looking towards Africa as the next centre of excellence in this highly competitive global sector. Peter Andrew from CCI SA explains. FULL STORY >


Trend Micro: Unpacking the shifts in cyberthreats and what you can do about them

By Ryan Noik 24 May 2024

Trend Micro explores the shocking growth of the number of cyberthreats, an increasing usage of deep fakes and a pressing need for robust security measures to handle an expanding threat landscape. FULL STORY >


The AI Revolution in Real Estate: Transforming Estate Agents

By Staff Writer 24 May 2024

In the dynamic world of real estate, where time is money and information is key, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping the landscape of how estate agents conduct business. FULL STORY >


Africa is an increasingly attractive market for BPO services

By Industry Contributor 21 May 2024

In celebration of World Africa Day on the 25th of May, CareerBox's Lizelle Strydom discusses the attractiveness of Africa for investment. FULL STORY >


A winning play: Embracing collaborative defense in cybersecurity

By Industry Contributor 17 May 2024

Just like in poker, facing cyber threats alone can be a risky bet. Forget the lone wolf approach, says Stephen Osler, co-founder and business director at Nclose. FULL STORY >


Environmental impact of AI and analytics in the cloud

By Industry Contributor 17 May 2024

Craig Stephens from SAS explores the environmental cost of digital expansion. FULL STORY >


Eight business travel hacks from a frequent flyer

By Press Release 8 May 2024

We asked Kamogelo Maerman, national sales leader at FCM Travel who logs thousands of kilometres annually, to share his top travel hacks for corporate travellers wanting to up their game. FULL STORY >


IBM Expands Software Availability to 92 Countries in AWS Marketplace, including South Africa

By Staff Writer 7 May 2024

IBM has announced the expanded availability of IBM solutions on the AWS marketplace in 92 countries including South Africa. FULL STORY >


Cisco Hypershield: Good news for the good guys

By Ryan Noik 30 April 2024

On the back of the recent launch of Cisco's Hypershield, we asked Cisco's experts what it means for cybersecurity at large. FULL STORY >

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