Nitro 50 is Acer's new desktop offering for casual gamers

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 24 May 2018

Acer's latest desktop offering, the Nitro 50, is designed for those who don't want to go full Predator, but still have a keen desire to game. FULL STORY >


Desktop PC enters a new era with PEBL

By Press Release 25 October 2016

myBroadband Conference sees the dawn of ultra-compact PCs. FULL STORY >


PC market freefall continues in Q2 2013 - Canalys

By Hanleigh Daniels 12 August 2013

Canalys sheds some light on the worldwide PC and tablet market performance during Q2 2013. FULL STORY >


IDC - EMEA PC shipments down 20 percent Q1 2013

By Hanleigh Daniels 23 April 2013

IDC breaks down the state of the PC market during Q1 2013 within EMEA. FULL STORY >


Evetech Intel Core i7 Custom Built Power PC

By Mike Joubert 11 September 2009

The i7 PC is the cheapest in Evetechs line, and its ideal for graphic intensive work such as 3D rendering, movie editing and graphic design. FULL STORY >


Evetech INTEL CD9800GT Gaming PC

By Thomas McKinnon 31 July 2009

Evetech have put together a stable gaming PC for a very reasonable price. We pushed this custom built rig and didn\\\'t find it wanting. FULL STORY >


Acer eMachine adds some style

By Mike Joubert 6 July 2009

Acer\'s eMachine offers a space saving desktop solution FULL STORY >


Sahara Gaming PC

By Thomas McKinnon 2 September 2008

An extreme gaming machine from Sahara built with the latest in high-end graphic, sound and processor technology. The computer incorporates the latest in Core 2 Extreme processor and comes with three 16X PCI-Express slots. FULL STORY >


Afolux AFL-15A-CX

By Andrew Gould 4 July 2008

The AFL-15A-CX is not your standard PC the entire PC is integrated with the LCD screen as a single unit which makes it spatially economic. The AFL also boasts a touch screen interface with which it comes standard. FULL STORY >


DMP eBox-4852S

By Andrew Gould 1 July 2008

The DMP eBox is a strong and durable PC with an exterior casing made almost entirely from aluminium which gives it a sleek modern appearance. It is very small (only 170 x123 x56 mm) and is fanless as it uses a VIA Eden processor and is therefore silent. FULL STORY >

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