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Paratus Telecom has launched PEBL, an ultra-compact PC that expounds sheer simplicity and convenience. PEBL will challenge the essence of how one defines a desktop PC, it is ideal for home offices, businesses, training centres and factories.

Redefining the desktop PC, PEBL is small and can be mounted to the rear of a monitor. It takes very little space, making the desk clear and spacious. At only 120mm, PEBL has the power and performance of bigger desktop computers but in a much more compact design.

Paratus Telecom SA managing director Kallie Carlsen says PEBL was well received at myBroadband Conference. "It is powered by an Intel chip and with a range to suit your pocket and your performance needs. If you're looking for the smallest of PCs for your home theatre or small business, PEBL is the answer."

PEBL is a highly durable and integrated mini PC, its fan free design makes it run quietly with no need for extra maintenance like traditional desk computers. Its aluminium alloy PC case is durable with high heat dissipation.

Other features include:

  • Affordable and extremely competitively priced
  • Superiority in performance
  • Excellence in design and quality
  • Mobility
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Exceptionally small in size (118mm X 118mm x 51mm)
  • Power efficient (Less than 10% of traditional desktop PCs)
  • Low noise when operating
  • Customised/Branded top panel with touch power function and dynamic light feature
  • Intel CPU
  • Quad core, i3, i5 and i7 units available
  • Known brand performance accessories/upgrades (SSD, HDD, RAM)
  • Pairing of SSD and HDD simultaneously, that leaves an abundance of performance-storage pairing          possibilities, which is tailored to clients’ needs
  • Wi-Fi module with 2.4GHZ frequency range and high speed double Wi-Fi internal antenna
  • Intel HD 4400 & HD 5500 with HDMI and VGA outputs.
  • 4K Video Capable 3840x2160@30Hz

Carlsen says PEBL uses less than 10% of the power consumption of traditional desktop PCs. “PEBL is extremely power efficient, it uses a 12V power supply that consumes between 15 - 30 Watts. It is also compatible with almost all popular operating systems such as Windows and Linux.”

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