Guitar Hero Live returns to consoles bringing real-time performances

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 15 April 2015

One of the best selling gaming franchises in recent memory returns in the form of Guitar Hero Live, bringing with it two new playing modes that deliver a more "life-like" music experience. FULL STORY >


Guitar Hero refuses to die

By Johan Keyter 28 February 2011

When everyone thought it was over, it seems Guitar Hero will be sticking around for a final encore. FULL STORY >


RIP - Guitar Hero

By Johan Keyter 10 February 2011

Activision hammers the final nail into Guitar Hero's coffin, cancelling the once popular music game series altogether. FULL STORY >


Guns N Roses sues Activision

By Johan Keyter 24 November 2010

Axl Rose, frontman of Guns N Roses, files a $20 million lawsuit against Activision. FULL STORY >


Guitar Hero Van Halen

By Brigitte 23 March 2010

The new Guitar Hero: Van Halen feels a little half-baked. It includes all the famous Van Halen tracks, but the game reverts back to GH1 type features, making it feel dated. FULL STORY >


Frets on Fire

By Andrew Gould 3 June 2009

Frets on Fire is a game of musical skill and fast fingers. The aim of the game is to play guitar with your keyboard as accurately as possible. FULL STORY >


Guitar Hero

By Andrew Gould 3 September 2008

The game is packaged with a revolutionary Guitar Hero Guitar Grip peripheral that fits snugly into the DS and a unique Guitar Hero pick-stylus that brings a new dimension to handheld gaming and the core gameplay that defines Guitar Hero. Guitar Hero: On Tour has been designed... FULL STORY >

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