By Andrew Gould 3 September 2008


Guitar Hero has been a great success across a number of platforms and has gained a serious cult following worldwide, especially in Japan and The States. The simplicity of the concept and elegance of the gameplay makes this quirky game a serious amount of fun.

But now you can get it for DS Lite. The first thing we thought was how? Where would you plug the guitar into? Wouldn’t the screen be too small? And where would you be strumming?

Nintendo answered by dispensing with the guitar altogether, the DS Lite becomes the guitar. All you get is a grip that plugs into the slot in the front of the DS Lite (so that’s what that was for). The four coloured buttons are all that remain of guitar. Strumming is done on the touch screen using a stylus in the shape of a guitar pick.

There are some extra ­features on the DS Lite ­version you won’t get in the original, like having to blow into the microphone to put out the flames when your guitar catches fire, or by shouting out to gain extra power.

The only problem with Guitar Hero for DS Lite is that the grip doesn’t seat very tightly in the expansion slot and your game can get terminated mid-chorus if the two should separate.

How could we have doubted Nintendo? We love the DS Lite, and playing Guitar Hero on it is great, although a somewhat different experience to the original.

The multiplayer mode is great fun and the grip is really innovative.
There are only 26 songs and the grip constantly slides free of its port.

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