By Hanleigh Daniels 17 December 2009


The third game in the series is actually an update on 2007’s Pokemon Diamond Version and features a plethora of new Pokemon and a few minor updates to keep fans immersed in the Pokemon universe.

Just as in the Pokemon TV series, which covers the exploits of Ash and his friends, Pokemon Platinum Version, follows a rudimentary storyline which sees you taking delivery of your first Pokemon from the local Pokemon expert Professor Rowan. From here you kick off your adventures in the land of Sinnoh and battle against Team Galactic. 

As a Pokemon Trainer you must capture and train your collection of Pokemon in order to win turn-based battles against the Pokemon of your rival trainers and wild Pokemon, in order to  ultimately become the Pokemon champion. Gamers who played Diamond will still enjoy battling in Platinum, even though they have already conquered the same bosses. Within Platinum the bosses’ (and other characters’) Pokemon selection have been updated to echo the myriad new Pokemon creatures on offer within this game.

Sporting almost 60 new Pokemon, Platinum also has a new area to explore called Distortion World, which is where you’ll be able to complete some extra puzzles that need to be solved before you can progress onto the final battle in the game. This world is also the home of Giratina, the main Pokemon of Platinum. The best thing about this new world is that its been designed in 3D, so you’re able to scale the walls and ceiling and even surf up a waterfall, making a rather nice change from the flat 2D surface.

Platinum sees the addition of a Vs. Recorder, a new item where players can post online and save to their cartridge recording of their best online fights. You can also connect to a Platinum-only Wi-Fi Plaza to complete a series of mini-games with other Platinum owners and post artwork on the community art boards. In these artboards, you can draw a Pokemon pawprints that will be visible on the community wall for a very brief period.

This is definitely one for the true fans of the series, because if Pokemon or RPG games aren’t your scene, then the simplistic graphics and vast amounts of scrolling you’ll have to do through the involving storyline will be a real turn off. 

The best thing about it? Being able to review your online fights in order to learn how other players use their Pokemon in specific situation and gain experience and tips.

The worst thing about it? It’s based on a graphics engine from 2007 and looks terribly dated.

Involving to play and the new 3D environmental elements in Distortion World.
Basic graphics and text driven storyline.

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