SAS Hackathon harnesses technology to solve real-world challenges

By Press Release 9 March 2022

The SAS 2022 Hackathon launched and got underway last week, where the South African Hackathon team of eight members have taken their place alongside 69 others worldwide in identifying a real-world problem that can be overcome... FULL STORY >


#InstaHack: how researchers were able to take over the Instagram App using a malicious image

By Staff Writer 25 September 2020

Earlier this year, Check Point researchers found a critical vulnerability in the Instagram app that would have given an attacker the ability to take over a victim’s Instagram account, and turn their... FULL STORY >


Russian speaking hacking group is attacking banks in Sub-Saharan Africa

By Staff Writer 13 January 2020

Kaspersky security researchers have reported on thousands of notifications of attacks on major banks located in the sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) region with the notorious Silence hacking group indicated to likely be the... FULL STORY >


Netflix Hacks to get the most out of your subscription

By Staff Writer 10 October 2018

With the new seasons of BoJack Horseman and American Vandal, plus the excellent Norm Macdonald Has a Show, there’s a lot to watch on Netflix currently. FULL STORY >


How ethical hacking can prevent fraud

By Opinion 13 November 2017

2017 has been wrought with cyberattacks and breaches that have cost copious amounts of money. This International Fraud awareness week, Rudi Dicks, senior consultant, BDO Cyber and Forensics Lab discusses cyber fraud and how it can be avoided through... FULL STORY >


Spy Wars: How nation-state backed threat actors steal from and copy each other

By Press Release 5 October 2017

Sophisticated threat actors are actively hacking other attack groups in order to steal victim data, borrow tools and techniques and re-use each other’s infrastructure – making accurate threat intelligence ever... FULL STORY >


HBO playing hard ball as hackers leak more show episodes

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 14 August 2017

Hackers continue to leak HBO episodes as the US network refuses to pay up. FULL STORY >


More cyberattacks expected says One Channel CEO

By Press Release 17 May 2017

"Ransomware is the most serious malware threat of the 21st century, with criminals projected to extort billions from their victims in 2017," according to One Channel CEO Bernard Ford. FULL STORY >


HP partners with 3M for Sure View display filter to stop prying eyes

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 25 August 2016

The September-slated HP Elitebook 840 and 1040 will be the first to sport this new privacy system. FULL STORY >


Haxposure: an emerging threat with important implications

By Staff Writer 4 February 2016

This combination of criminal data theft via hacking and public exposure of internal secrets represents an emerging threat, which ESET has dubbed haxposure. FULL STORY >


Trend Micro finds Uber accounts for sale on the Deep Web

By Staff Writer 4 February 2016

In a report that Trend Micro researchers put together for US news channel CNBC, the security company found that Uber accounts are worth more on the Deep Web than stolen credit card information. The Deep Web serves as an underground market... FULL STORY >


BT helps global financial industry keep data secure with new ethical hacking service

By Staff Writer 17 September 2015

BT announces the global launch of “BT Assure Ethical Hacking for Finance”, a new security service designed to test the exposure of financial services organisations to cyber-attacks. FULL STORY >


Ashley Madison represents new darker stage of cyber hacking

By Staff Writer 9 September 2015

In late July, Avid Life Media (ALM) – owners of online dating site Ashley Madison – confirmed it had been the victim of a massive data breach, potentially exposing the personal details and identities of millions of Ashley Madison... FULL STORY >


Kaspersky Lab: "Darkhotel" cyberespionage group boosts attacks with exploit leaked from hacking team

By Staff Writer 12 August 2015

Following the public leak of files belonging to Hacking Team – the company known for selling “legal spyware” to some governments and law enforcement agencies – a number of cyberespionage... FULL STORY >


Hacking Health hackathon heading to Cape Town

By Staff Writer 14 January 2014

UCT will host the Hacking Health 2014 healthcare innovation hackathon in Cape Town on 24 & 25 January 2014. FULL STORY >

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