Qualcomm to bring 64-bit chips to the masses via Snapdragon 410

By Hanleigh Daniels 10 December 2013

Qualcomm pulls the wraps off of its new Snapdragon 410 chipset, a 64-bit, LTE-enabled SoC destined for budget devices and the emerging market. FULL STORY >


Multi-core mobile CPU market experiences phenomenal growth

By Hanleigh Daniels 13 September 2013

The multi-core smartphone processor market doubled during the first half of 2013, with Qualcomm snapping up the most market share. FULL STORY >


Nvidia showcases graphical prowess of Project Logan

By Hanleigh Daniels 25 July 2013

Nvidia showcases some of the graphical capabilities of its next-generation mobile CPUs via two demos. FULL STORY >


Intel announces Silvermont SoC microarchitecture

By Hanleigh Daniels 8 May 2013

Intel showcases its latest generation of Atom mobile processor architecture dubbed Silvermont. FULL STORY >


Nvidia provides glimpse into mobile CPU and GPU future

By Hanleigh Daniels 20 March 2013

Nvidia delivers a roadmap for its next generation mobile CPUs and GPU platforms, which will power the mobile devices and PCs of the not too distant future. FULL STORY >


Qualcomm unveils Snapdragon 800 series and 600 processors

By Hanleigh Daniels 10 January 2013

Qualcomm announces its next generation processor line-up in the Snapdragon 800 series and 600 processors. FULL STORY >


Qualcomm unveils two new Snapdragon CPUs

By Hanleigh Daniels 27 September 2012

Qualcomm is aiming to bring a significant processing power boost to the lower tiers of the smartphone market via two new Snapdragon CPU additions. FULL STORY >


Tesla Model S electric sedan dash powered by Nvidia mobile CPU

By Hanleigh Daniels 25 June 2012

Tesla Motors uses Nvidia's new Tegra visual computing module to power its infotainment system and digital instrument cluster. FULL STORY >


Intel reveals new Xeon E7 processor family

By Staff Writer 6 April 2011

CPU maker Intel unveils its latest line of E7 server processors. FULL STORY >

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