Trend Micro: Unpacking the shifts in cyberthreats and what you can do about them

By Ryan Noik 24 May 2024

Trend Micro explores the shocking growth of the number of cyberthreats, an increasing usage of deep fakes and a pressing need for robust security measures to handle an expanding threat landscape. FULL STORY >


Ransomware payments increase 500% in last year - Sophos State of Ransomware Report

By Staff Writer 30 April 2024

Sophos, a global provider of cyberattack security solutions has released the 2024 edition of its annual State of Ransomware survey report, which found that the average ransom payment has increased 500% in the... FULL STORY >


Infamous ransomware group disrupted by joint operation, runs out of time

By Staff Writer 15 April 2024

Trend Micro has disclosed cybercriminal insights following disruption of one of the world’s biggest ransomware groups. FULL STORY >


Deception technology crucial to unmasking the silent theft of data

By Industry Contributor 26 February 2024

By Iniel Dreyer, MD at Data Management Professionals South Africa (DMP SA) FULL STORY >


70% increase in novel malware attacks, including in SA says BlackBerry

By Staff Writer 5 December 2023

BlackBerry Limited has released its latest Quarterly Global Threat Intelligence Report, revealing a 70% increase in new malware encountered by BlackBerry’s AI-powered cybersecurity solutions. FULL STORY >


Time is of the essence - what businesses still need to understand about ransomware attacks

By Industry Contributor 30 November 2023

Ransomware has dominated the security conversation in recent years. But despite this, many people and organisations still don't understand how these attacks unfold. Rick Vanover from Veeam Software... FULL STORY >


Ransomware and the obligation to stop fraud

By Industry Contributor 6 November 2023

By Karl Blom, Partner & Laone Setshedi, Candidate Attorney from Webber Wentzel FULL STORY >


How to mitigate (and recover from) rising African cyber incidents

By Industry Contributor 18 September 2023

By Brian Smith, Business Unit Manager, Datacentrix FULL STORY >


So, you have a secure backup, but how easily accessible is it?

By Industry Contributor 17 July 2023

By Mohammed Sayed, Head of Technical Services SA at DMP SA FULL STORY >


Looking beyond ransomware as driver for Security, Resilience and Recovery

By Industry Contributor 3 July 2023

Lisa Strydom, Senior Manager: Channel and Alliances for Africa at Veeam Africa, explores the intricacies of ensuring effective data protection. FULL STORY >


11 Steps to develop an effective ransomware response checklist

By Industry Contributor 15 March 2023

By Anthony Giandomenico, VP Global Security Consulting, Proactive & Reactive Services, Fortinet, and Aamir Lakhani, Global Security Strategist and Researcher, Fortinet FULL STORY >


Hit back at ransomware attacks before they cripple your business

By Industry Contributor 15 February 2023

By Rasheed Ola Jimoh, Senior Director for West and Central Africa at Commvault FULL STORY >


Recovering your data is no longer enough, you need to stop ransomware threats in their tracks

By Industry Contributor 24 November 2022

By Kate Mollett, regional director and Bar Hori, regional sales executive at Commvault FULL STORY >


77% Of Global Retail Organisations have been hit by ransomware

By Staff Writer 15 November 2022

While many people think that ransomware attacks are reserved for big businesses, small and medium-sized retailers are just as much at risk. Anna Collard dives deeper on the rerail sector and cyber-crime and how they can avoid it. FULL STORY >


5 Ransomware protection strategies for 2023

By Industry Contributor 31 October 2022

If the growth of ransomware attacks in 2022 indicates what the future holds, security teams everywhere should expect to see this attack vector become even more popular in 2023.Fortinet's Aamir Lakhani explains. FULL STORY >

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