Why your brand needs salesforce automation

By Press Release 26 May 2016

In the rapidly rising digital economy, sales people need technology to work harder for them. Quinton Pienaar, CEO at Agilitude details why you need salesforce automation. FULL STORY >


Salesforce selects AWS as preferred Public Cloud infrastructure provider

By Press Release 26 May 2016

Salesforce to expand use of AWS to core services for planned international infrastructure expansion. FULL STORY >


Microsoft's latest quarterly earnings sees major drop in mobile sales

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 22 April 2016

As expected, the mobile division of Microsoft has taken another hit in the company's latest quarterly earnings report, with a 46% drop in revenue. FULL STORY >


Verint: One way you can drive more sales

By Press Release 12 April 2016

The digital shopping experience has transformed how we engage with brands and make decisions. However, our natural instinct to turn to others for recommendations still prevails. FULL STORY >


Looking beyond the fear factor when selling cloud software to SMEs

By Staff Writer 18 March 2016

Steven Cohen, head of Sage One International, discusses the use of software within the SME space and understanding when and where to upgrade. FULL STORY >


The revolution of the personal cloud

By Staff Writer 9 February 2016

For many users, public cloud solutions do not offer appropriate levels of security for data, and also are typically limited in the amount of storage that can be accessed in a cost effective manner. As a result, personal cloud solutions are becoming... FULL STORY >


Orange South Africa lists its top selling products for Q4 2015

By Staff Writer 1 February 2016

After posting solid sales for Q4 2015, despite a falling rand, Orange details the top selling products from their South African online store. FULL STORY >


PC shipments suffer major decline in Q4 2015, but outlook positive for 2016

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 13 January 2016

As expected by many forecasters, PC shipments fell in Q4 2015. The margin varied between 8% and 10%. That said, the IDC anticipates Windows 10 to push sales in 2016. FULL STORY >


Sony's PS4 console records 30 million sales globally

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 25 November 2015

With just over two years under its belt since the official release in 2013, Sony confirms that its next-gen PS4 console has reached an estimated 30.2 million unit sales worldwide. FULL STORY >


PlayStation Store discounts arrive to tempt

By Ryan Noik 20 November 2015

A host of deals, with up to 70% discounts, are now available, for full games as well as downloadable content (DLC), on the PS Store. FULL STORY >


Star Wars: The Force Awakens has amassed $50 million in ticket sales to date

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 20 November 2015

With its highly anticipated debut less than a month away, Star Wars: The Force Awakens has already raked in $50 million in ticket sales in the US alone. FULL STORY >


Agron boosts salesforce with mobile CRM from Sage Enterprise

By Press Release 20 October 2015

Agron, one of the leading providers of fertilizer to South Africa’s agricultural sector, has implemented the Sage CRM solution from Sage Enterprise (formerly Sage ERP Africa) in an effort to improve its competitiveness and enhance... FULL STORY >


Achieving insurance sales acceleration with well-managed predictive dialer technology

By Staff Writer 3 September 2015

Competition for new customer acquisition in the insurance sector has intensified, and with so much product parity, great service and seamless interactions are now the only differentiating factors. FULL STORY >


IDC says PC sales continue to slip in Q2 2015

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 10 July 2015

IDC has released its latest report on PC sales during Q2 2015, as numbers continue to fall year-on-year. FULL STORY >


Behavioural targeting – The focused advertising approach

By Staff Writer 13 May 2015

South African advertisers that want to boost the return on investment they receive from digital advertising should use behavioural targeting as part of their marketing arsenal. FULL STORY >

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