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Samsung’s winning streak is coming to an end, with the Financial Times reporting that the Galaxy S9 is not exactly setting sales records. Hang on, it is setting records, but for the wrong reasons, since the S9 is set to become the lowest selling Samsung flagship since the S3 waaaay back in 2012, with only about 31 million units sold.

The S9 offered minor upgrades from the S8 (our top flagship of 2017) and we suspect that the company is holding most of the innovation back for the S10, to be released surely to the same fanfare as the iPhone X was. Kim Young-woo, chief technology analyst at SK Securities seems to agree, noting, “The S9 phone was expensive with no major differentiation. Its design was very similar to the previous model.”

While Samsung is continuing its reign as the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer, and doing extremely well when it comes to producing chipsets, the company is predicting a profit decline, not only because of the S9’s slow sales, but also because display panels are not doing that well.

Will the Galaxy Note 9 coming up in August be able to sell big? Even this might not happen, since the differentiation in screen size between the models are not as significant as in the past (6.3” vs 5.8” on last year’s models). With rumours already appearing for the Galaxy S10, hopefully Samsung can get back to its winning ways. 


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