Search engine de-optimisation

By Staff Writer 16 November 2009

Randomised search results and bizarre Facebook status updates, the web caters to any and all tastes. FULL STORY >


Googles Orkut re-enters the fray

By Hanleigh Daniels 3 November 2009

Orkut is a social networking site aiming to take on Facebook and Twitter, backed up by the might of Google and new revamp. FULL STORY >


Facebook making money

By Thomas McKinnon 16 September 2009

Facebook now has more than 300 million users and its actually earning more money than its spending, for the first time. FULL STORY >


Facebook slims down with Lite

By Mike Joubert 11 September 2009

The new interface is officially available to users in the US and India, but SA users shouldnt have any trouble logging into the site. FULL STORY >


Sony Ericsson Extra Man

By Thomas McKinnon 4 September 2009

SE announced the launch of Extra Man, an interactive 2010 FIFA World Cup focused website, yesterday. FULL STORY >


Facebook buys FriendFeed

By Thomas McKinnon 11 August 2009

Facebook announced yesterday, 10 August 2009, that it had acquired social aggregation service FriendFeed. FULL STORY >


Twitter offer front page search

By Thomas McKinnon 30 July 2009

Twitter has had a little rethink about their landing page in a bid to attract new users. FULL STORY >


Obama says yes MXit can

By Mike Joubert 8 July 2009

President Obama to use SA based MXit to talk to African youth FULL STORY >


New Facebook usernames

By Thomas McKinnon 11 June 2009

Choose your own Facebook username from 13 June 2009. No longer do you need to be just a number. FULL STORY >


Justin Hartman Interview

By Mike Joubert 4 June 2009

Justin Hartman is one of Africa‘«÷s Internet pioneers. As MD and co-founder of Afrigator - Africa\'s largest social media aggregator and blog directory, he is blazing a trail for the rest of us to follow. TechSmart caught up with him to discuss Gatorpeeps- their... FULL STORY >


SA gets own Twitter

By Mike Joubert 12 May 2009

There are South African alternatives popping up for a lot of the international Web 2.0 services out there. Think Muti vs Reddit, Zoopy vs YouTube and Afrigator vs Technorati. The latest is GatorPeeps. FULL STORY >


Power to the people

By Andrew Gould 6 May 2009

The Internet is putting the power to choose, and create, back in the hands of the public. Andrew Gould looks at how the old is making way for the new. In the not-so-distant past the producers of products and services had 100% of the control as to what was delivered and by... FULL STORY >

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