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Ctrlroom is a beacon of light when it comes to digital communication. Its comprehensive coverage of the digital space allows Ctrlroom to offer something rare in the world of communication – a perfect balance of creative thinking and fact-based analysis. Moreover, its unique Wi-Fi offerings make it possible for a wide range of businesses to offer added value to their customers while also deepening their relationship with them.

The company started as a response to the growing number of South African businesses that were moving away from voice-based communication. Faced with a business landscape that was becoming increasingly dependent on digital channels, yet still lacking the maturity to effectively use them, Ctrlroom positioned itself to help companies navigate the brave new world of digital by partnering with them to put in place effective roadmaps to success.

According to CEO Andre Bezuidenhout, businesses are becoming very active on digital platforms, but do not always coordinate their activities positively.

“Businesses often jump in quickly without necessarily doing their homework properly. This leads to them not seeing value from their investment, because they either started in the wrong place or had the wrong focus. A sound digital strategy is about making the right decisions at the outset and growing your digital presence in line with a clear roadmap for the future.”

That’s where Ctrlroom comes in. The company is committed to optimising digital content to ensure it can offer an immediate and sustainable return on investment.

One channel that Ctrlroom is currently excited about is Wi-Fi. The cost of data, combined with consumers’ growing appetites for data services, makes Wi-Fi an excellent investment for businesses like retailers that seek to provide their customers with personal value-added in-store services while also opening a channel of engagement with them.

Ctrlroom’s Wi-Fire solution for businesses is highly customisable, easy to implement and simultaneously enriches customers' experiences by providing them access to the Internet while also providing the business with invaluable insight into the customer’s browsing habits and demographic information. With Wi-Fire, the business learns more about their customer and can tailor offers accordingly while the customer gets a compelling reason to return to the business regularly.

It’s this use of analytics that sees Ctrlroom lead the field, particularly when it comes to Wi-Fi solutions. This analytics-based approach to Wi-Fi is unique and allows clients an unprecedented view of their customers’ engagement across Wi-Fi platforms. It also allows clients to become proactive rather than reactive to their customers’ needs. For example, when a customer connects to in-store Wi-Fi, Wi-Fire makes it possible to credit vet them and – if applicable – offer them a credit facility immediately.

By offering Wi-Fi solutions that deliver comprehensive insights and measurable results, businesses can enjoy immediate benefits from their partnership with Ctrlroom. With Ctrlroom shining a light on client investments, they are never in the dark.




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