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Felix Erken, managing director and co-owner of Junk Mail Digital Media

Online customers vote with their clicks in terms of what they’re after, how they navigate and why they abandon sites. Data analytics not only helps a business measure what it’s doing, but informs decisions that lead to better sites.

Technology and the power behind it is becoming more sophisticated and for businesses relying on their websites to convert clicks to sales, a rapid response to digital disruption is key. However, old school business tactics never die and companies can still employ these traditional methods to bring customers, products or services together.

Mobile is the playground of an always-connected customer who is looking for convenience and simplicity. Creating an excellent mobile experience for online users is vital to keep them engaged, but new technology and the power of data analytics will either improve or hinder the user’s experience of a site.

On-demand customers insist on sites that are simple to navigate, free of clutter and give them what they want quickly and easily. This however doesn’t mean that their experience has to be ‘vanilla’. Although they’re obviously not aware of it, customers rely on mobile sites to deliver a sophisticated experience through complex functionality. Being able to offer customers access to this level of sophistication can be a make or break scenario for businesses competing in the online commerce space.

The ability to measure a site’s performance and implement improvements are not only mission critical for e- and m-commerce businesses, but for most businesses relying on a website to inform and convince customers to partner with the company. Businesses, no matter the industry they’re in or audience they’re targeting, are under immense pressure to show goal completions achieved through clicks. For them success may be about a completed online quote request, a click-to-email or downloads from their site.

Although the internet is complex, simple business principles still apply in today’s connected world. The three Ps - people, product and process remain important, so ensure that they’re aligned.

Reaction time and the ability to solve a problem quickly is what give businesses a competitive edge in the digital era. Employees who are passionate about the business, who are able to think across industries, strategise, adapt and offer solutions are what are required in today’s on-demand economy where the user’s experience drives sales.

Websites are becoming more sophisticated and businesses wanting to navigate their way into the future are now, more than ever expected to analyse data to offer their customers the best online experience.



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