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Hisense is continuing its quest to provide South African customers with high-quality devices at affordable prices, now offering a 24-month warranty on any Hisense smartphone purchased. The new warranty will apply to Hisense phones purchased from 1 September 2016 through official mobile and telephone network suppliers.

According to Ryan Curling, Brand Manager at Hisense, the 24-month warranty proves the Chinese company’s commitment to ensuring customer trust and satisfaction in its products. “For the past 20 years, Hisense has worked hard to build strong brand loyalty and trust in South Africa. This 24-month warranty on newly purchased phones shows that we are confident to put our money where our mouth is, providing customers peace of mind when buying a Hisense smartphone,” Curling says.

For valid warranty claims, Hisense extends the following in support of the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008:

●     In the first six months from date of purchase, the faulty product may be repaired or exchanged by Hisense, or credited by the dealer or store once approved by Hisense.

●     For the remainder of the warranty period (after the first six months from date of purchase) the product may be repaired or exchanged by Hisense, or be requested to be credited or exchanged by the store or dealer where original purchase was made.

Hisense’s smartphone offerings have seen solid growth over the past few years, with phones such as the rugged Infinity KO and affordable Infinity PureShot LTE finding strong interest locally.

“The appeal of Hisense’s smartphones lies in the fact that we offer on-board specifications that can usually only be found in higher priced units. Our phones provide excellent value for money and now with the new warranty, customers can put faith in Hisense’s workmanship for a full two years,” Curling concludes.

With service centres in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban, repairs on faulty products will be swift, with customers able to call Hisense Support on 086-445-3673, or mail them on As always, terms and conditions apply.

The smartphone range is not the first Hisense products to offer an appealing guarantee, with Hisense televisions providing an incredible four-year warranty. This has contributed to Hisense occupying the top spot in the South African television market for the past five months, in regards to the number of units sold nationwide.  



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