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Innocentrix presents one of the most robust conferences for SA corporates, pioneers and wild heads, who regard innovation as a strategic priority, with more than 20 local and international speakers getting together next week to talk staying at the edge - and creating the future of Africa!  

Innovation in Africa, its potential impact on the SA economy and new business models for growth will be discussed in Midrand this week. Local and global speakers will share case studies and talk about the latest business trends and the opportunity it presents for the continent. We will hear from local pioneers Uber South Africa, FNB, PPC, Altech Netstar, Vodacom and others like Thundafund’s co-founder, who was named as one of South Africa’s “Brightest Young Minds.” Global speakers will include business leaders from Kenya, France, The UK, Nigeria, Tunisia and Singapore. 

For the first time hosted in South Africa, the globally acclaimed Crowd Sourcing Week will take place on African shores as part of the event. A hackathon staged by youth entrepreneurs on the Internet of Things (IoT) as well as the SA Innovation League Awards in conjunction with Milpark Business School, will be showcased.  

When: 23 & 24 June 2016             
Where: Business Connexion (BCX), 789 16th Road, Randjiesfontein, Midrand

The 2016 programme includes the latest findings and experiences in private and public sector innovation to address the following

  • Presentations from international and local trendsetters on innovation related themes cutting across culture, leadership, innovation project enablement, disruptive technologies and more
  • Case studies and panel discussions on innovation by SA’s leading organisations and innovation managers
  • Experiencing everything-CROWD – like sourcing, funding, co-creation, collaboration and open innovation
  • Seeing innovation happen before you – watch local hackers innovatively solve problems, and
  • The SA Innovation League Awards, recognising SA’s top companies for innovation excellence.

To acquire a detailed programme all Henra Mayer/Zander Powell on (012) 844-0083 or email:



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