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With the Easter holidays fast approaching, families are looking for fun consumer tech that caters towards the whole family, both at home and away. Matthew Hall, Product Manager at Rectron shares some tech must-haves for every member of the clan. 

Technology has impacted almost every aspect of family life, bringing many advances in areas such as work, education, entertainment and child development. No matter the age, there is something for everyone.

Demands continue to change at a rapid pace. Today’s consumers want to gain as much from technology as possible. Really, it’s one thing to have the hardware, but you also want to have fun creating content and sharing it.

As we head into a holiday season, is it important to note that this technology is created to enhance family time.


Family holidays should be fun and interactive, a time to bond with loved ones. Music can help families achieve this while being creative.

Families can now produce music on the go, be it at their holiday destination or on the road. ROLI has really revolutionised the music industry, with its touch-responsive instruments that are smaller, more affordable, and more accessible. And with its portable design, you can carry it with you wherever you go, just plug in and play. Plus, you can share your content with friends, family, or even make it public on the cloud.


A must-have for any holiday maker is a drone. Families can step-up their photography game, capturing those fun outdoor moments using DJI drones fitted with cameras that take 4k content. But why not take it a step further? Treasure your happy moments by saving your images either on the drone, to your device or even to the cloud for safe keeping.

You can also perform flying stunts, shoot quick videos with EZ Shots and learn how to code using DJI drones.

Bonus, with 21 minutes’ flying-time and built in facial recognition, DJI drones can now follow you wherever you move (hint: parents track your kids!). DJI Mavic Air, built to go wherever the adventure takes you.


Over the holiday season gamers kick-up the ante. Often strategic in nature, gaming can stimulate mental capacity, requiring a great deal of manual dexterity, which may increase youngsters’ eye and hand coordination.

Illuminating the gaming arena are brands like Corsair, which have tapped into LED technology, giving gamers a full-throttle experience. For example, when you are walking outside in the virtual world, the LED lights on your keyboard turn blue, so it’s almost like you are in that environment. The most impressive thing about this software is that gaming enthusiasts can customise it, altering the intensity and frequency.


The gaming industry is ever-evolving, and now with competitively priced SSD drives, it has become more efficient and more affordable. Using flash memory to store data, means better performance and reliability. Being mobile-friendly and more resilient to common drops since they don’t have susceptible parts like a traditional hard drive, SSD drives are ideal for travelling.

Companies, like Acer and Lenovo, are placing a great deal of focus on the dual-user, with the idea of ‘work during the day and play during the night’ on the same device. Just look at today’s gaming notebooks, they are thinner in size, yet still have the full capabilities needed for gamers.

Tablets provide both educational and entertainment benefits for the whole family. Add to this the fact that kids prefer tablets as they are more portable, and the availability of apps, games, e-books and online libraries, means kids are certainly kept occupied.

Not looking to break the bank? Look for tablets that come with all the peripherals included, like RCT.

With high-quality specs and several models available, RCT Tablets are convenient for families on the move. With a cover and a headset included, this means affordable, hassle-free entertainment on the go.

From keeping children entertained for hours, to stimulating their young minds, tech can create fun meaningful experiences for the whole family. Embrace technology over the holidays as a tool to bring your family closer together.



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