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South African startup Jini Guru would like to introduce uKheshe, a smartphone app and QR card that will make it easy for South Africans to pay it forward in everyday situations. Whether you want to tip your car guard, pay your gardener or help someone in need, uKheshe makes it quick and easy when you don’t have spare change handy.

uKheshe means cash in Zulu and allows you to pay anyone who has an uKheshe QR card, best of all they don’t need a bank account and you don’t need cash handy.

The app was developed in 2018 and founder, Jason Penton first conceptualised uKheshe when he needed to pay someone who did not have a bank account, and he did not have cash handy. “uKheshe was developed to provide the easiest and cheapest way to pay someone for services or to leave a tip for great service,” says Penton. “The recipient does not need a bank account, a simple cell phone capable of USSD will suffice.”

uKheshe is made up of two parts, the app which the payer installs on their smartphone, and the QR card that the recipient has linked to their cell phone number.

“With the app installed, the payer simply selects the amount they wish to pay, then scans the QR code, it's that simple,” says Penton. "The recipient is able to check their balance and withdraw cash by using the USSD code *120*82274# following the instructions and visiting the nearest Pick n Pay store." App users can top up their App balance via credit or debit card securely and easily.

uKheshe is more than a payment system, it’s a platform for anyone to Pay it Forward and help those in their communities. Anyone can obtain packs of cards from the uKheshe website, or purchase preloaded cards that can be handed out to anyone who is in need of food or clothing.

When it comes time to withdraw the money they have received, an uKheshe card holder can visit any Pick 'n Pay branch and draw cash at the till or pay for goods directly.

“uKheshe is about paying it forward and by giving someone an uKheshe card, they can use it to receive payments, tips or donations long after you have given them the card. They don't even need to be with you to pay them,” says Penton.

Handing out prepaid cards make uKheshe the ideal gift to those in need this festive season.

To celebrate the launch of uKheshe, we want to pay it forward even more by rewarding those who have touched the lives of the most people over the uKheshe launch period. Running until the 31st of December 2018, five uKheshe app users will win a R5,000 donation to be made to the charity of their choice. The prize will be awarded to the person who has made the most donations to active uKheshe QR cards.

For more information about uKheshe or to order your cards today, please visit

uKheshe App





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